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Is Safety Still a Priority in Hospitals?


Walking into a hospital, one seems to expect a sanctuary, or "safe haven", where healing occurs and you are out of harm's way. However, this has changed in respect to the staff of the hospital and one of TASA's experts presents a well-written article on the topic.

The hospital can house many different practices and therefore many employees of various specialties. October is National Physical Therapy Month, and physical therapy is one of the common practices that can be in the hospital, among others such as cardiologists, oncologists, emergency room personnel, and many others.

The expert asserts that these employees simply accept that being in danger or being threatened by patients is just a part of the job. However, this should not be the case. Only when specific attention is given to the safety of employees will this dynamic have the potential of being changed. When it is changed, then our hospitals will move toward truly being sanctuaries, and less of a hostile environment for patients and employees alike.

To read the article, Workplace Violence in Hospitals: Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery, please click here.

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