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Facing Ethical Obstacles


Introducing change can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. To welcome change and introduce it seamlessly without upsetting the business can prove to be difficult due to ethical dilemmas and obstacles that are common in the workplace. Christopher McLaverty and Annie McKee's article, "What You Can Do to Improve Ethics at Your Company," is a very interesting read about what to consider before thinking about changes.

A business already has a distinct company culture running through it; introducing drastic changes has the risk of upsetting the balance of the business. It is important to look at the values of the company and possible dilemmas that employees could face every day. By doing this, all employees will feel valued in the midst of the changes and the changes will be tailored to the business.

In the article, McLaverty and McKee talk about the importance of considering the level where changes should first be introduced (i.e. too much change from the top), incentives, and multicultural considerations among others. To read more of this article on effective implementation of changes, click here.

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