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60th Anniversary Series: Technological Advances


Being in business for 60 years, TASA has experienced many different societal changes. The economy has shifted, new technology has developed, and new businesses have established themselves as competition of TASA. In the clip highlighted today, Jay Rosen addresses how we have weathered the economic storm and made technological advances.

In the clip, Jay says that our staff has become leaner and meaner over the years. We seek out the best solutions for our clients and persistently work to achieve great service. Our staff numbers have dwindled over the years, but TASA does more with fewer staff. We have also adopted print and online advertising, and changed with the times in acts of innovation.

Advertising and marketing is key to any business, and staying on the cutting edge of these industries is essential. Using trending programs makes marketing current, which, in turn, makes the company current. Social media is also part of these "trending programs." Employing social media is a way for the company to extend their reach to a demographic which may have been previously unattainable. Emerging technology creates more growth for a company over time. Listening to tech trends and clients will increase reach and grow the company.

Also, Jay mentioned that it is important to capitalize on the talents of the staff. Every employee brings a new set of skills to the table. These skills are available for the company to utilize, and it is a missed opportunity to pass on them. Capitalizing on employee skills and developing the company with a sense of forward-thinking is a way to move towards the future.

Please take time to listen to the clip below to hear more of Jay Rosen's reflections on TASA. 

Technological Advances at TASA from The TASA Group, Inc. on Vimeo.

(Please turn up speakers in order to hear audio.)

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