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60th Anniversary Series: Evaluating Changes at TASA


Welcome back to our 60th Anniversary series! We are so pleased to be sharing some insight about TASA’s past, and reflections about our corporate future. As we are new to blogging, we are excited about what it has to offer and believe that it is an excellent way to share information and insights from our headquarters.

The second clip in our 60th Anniversary series has one common theme: change. Jay talks about how TASA has surpassed his wildest dreams and has changed with the times. The TASA Group offers services that aim to accommodate modern technology. He also addresses the types of cases that TASA is involved with. His last point is that TASA is a service business that is constantly improving.

Change and growth go hand-in-hand: only when change occurs can growth take place.

Jacob Morgan, co-founder of the Future of Work Community writes, “the way we have been working over the past few years is NOT how we are going to be working in the coming years.” To read more from his article, The Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work, click here. Any good workplace ebbs and flows with the changes in the world and accommodates for growth in all fields. A company that ignores change will be left behind in favor of dynamic companies that anticipate and accommodate the changing world. Change and growth go hand-in-hand: only when change occurs can growth take place. 

The workplace has changed drastically in the 60 years that TASA has been in business. Cell phones became an expected possession, social media is now dominating free time, and people can communicate as never before. Society has also been through significant changes that lead to shifts in the corporate world.

Please listen to the clip below to hear more about Mr. Rosen's reflections about change at TASA. Be sure to subscribe or follow our blog using the widget to keep up with The TASA Times!

Changes at TASA from The TASA Group, Inc. on Vimeo.

(Please turn up speakers in order to hear audio.)

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