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Ergonomics: Posture, Positioning, and More


Putting your best foot forward is easiest when you are comfortable. The TASA article Contact Center Ergonomics explains the easy steps you can take to adjust your work station to be ergonomically sound and why it is important.

The headings provide a basic outline of what is included in this article:

  • Physical Fatigue Is a Key Concern
  • Good Equipment Results in Better Productivity
  • Good Postures Improve Comfort
  • How to Achieve Good Posture
  • The Monitor Can Present Additional Issues
  • Phone Use Can Contribute to the Risk for Injuries
  • Flexibility and Adjustability of Workstation Equipment Is Critical

The impact of your work station should not be underestimated; how you're sitting at your desk for eight hours of the day is very influential to your work output.

Read this article to learn more about ergonomics.

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