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Do Instructions Limit Free Thinking?


Assembly instructions included with a piece of furniture are helpful. However, can instructions sometimes limit free thinking?

There are different types of instructions. Sometimes instructions are needed for a step-by-step process, like assembly instructions or a how-to guide for a certain program. Another type of instructions are ones that are provided when guidance is needed or a certain result is desired. Too often, instructions are provided to be helpful but can actually limit creativity and innovation.

For example, a boss could provide a new graphic design employee instructions on what to include on an ad, where the text should be, what images to use, etc. Wanting to please their boss, the new graphic design employee follows it exactly. This is common occurrence in a new job; the new employee wants to make sure the job is done right, and will use their creative mind later when they feel more comfortable doing so, and if they are allowed to do so.

It is smart to proceed as the employee above, but bosses and CEO's should hope that their employees start to feel comfortable enough to think for themselves, and that their thinking isn't stifled.

What are your thoughts on the intersection of instructions and free thinking? Let us know in the comments!

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