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60th Anniversary Series: The Next Five Years


"I think in order to move forward into the future, you need to know where you've been." These wise words from Charles Williams encapsulate the theme of today's post. To look back at where the company has been, enjoy the slideshow of pictures from TASA's beginnings until now:


TASA has always seamlessly adopted changing technology, and according to Jay Rosen, now he sees that happening at a faster clip. Moving towards the future at a fast pace will only be possible if the past is kept in the rear-view mirror. The slideshow of pictures showcases everything that TASA was and everything that it is today. The round TASA building in these pictures still houses us many years later. Employees have grown in this building and lives have changed inside these walls. The heart of a company lies in the hands of the employees. Over the years, employees have come and gone and improvements and changes have been made. Infusing these changes with company plans will lead to a positive future. Please listen to the following clip to hear Jay's vision for the next five years!

The Next Five Years from The TASA Group, Inc. on Vimeo.

(Please turn up speakers in order to hear audio.)

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