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Knowing Your Defendant's IQ


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Knowing a plethora of facts about a defendant can be very beneficial during a case. This article, Benefits of Knowing Your Defendant’s IQ, explains the pros of knowing this crucial information. 

An excerpt from the article reads as follows:
When arguing that IQ is a significant cause of crime, researchers cite studies to indicate that criminal populations usually have an average IQ of approximately 92 which is eight points below the mean. The relationship between IQ and criminality is particularly distinct within a small portion of the population, primarily younger men, who are responsible for committing a disproportionate amount of crime while higher intelligence acts as protection against lapsing into criminal activity for people who are otherwise at risk.
As suggested, IQ can be an implicating factor and should be strongly regarded when arguing a case. To learn more, please read the above article. 
TASA has many medical experts on the above topic, as well as many others. Please click here to view our database.
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