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Legal Literature of 2018


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Staying informed on the issues is very important for those in the legal field. Resources can take the shape of books, courses, webinars, articles, and other forms. This list, The Distinguished Dozen: ATL Book Club’s Top Legal Picks For 2018, highlights the top legal texts as ranked by Above the Law Book Club. This list includes books about various matters, including stories of a broken system, and historic texts. Please take a look at this list to view some top legal books.

Also, TASA provides multiple resources for FREE that are readily available to the legal industry. Our budding webinar program has frequent CLE accredited webinars from our knowledgeable experts about trending topics. We also have all of the archived webinars for viewing anytime OnDemand. Our articles are another source that we provide. These articles are frequently published on our website and cover a wide range of topics. Recently, we just published articles on pain medications, VIX ETFs, and equine appraisals. Also, we have a library of SEAK books that are available for purchase. Please peruse these texts to see if any would be of interest to you, and assist you in future litigation matters.

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