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Keeping Your Anger in Check


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Becoming angry can be a common occurrence, for some people more than others. Learning how to control your own anger can lead to success in your career and relationships. When faced with a fellow angry person who is trying to engage you, it is easy to fall into becoming angry yourself, or even lashing out at them if you are on opposing sides of an argument. Controlling your own anger can lead to being taken more seriously; trust is fostered through interactions with level-headed individuals. To gain that and be viewed as a trusted person in your relationships can lead to being taken more seriously or being depended on.

This, of course, has an effect on businesses as well. Coworkers who are quick to anger are viewed as untrustworthy or inflexible. People with startling news or new ideas are less likely to converse with someone who they think is going to become quickly angry at them or the situation. They are less likely to open themselves up to another person who they fear may judge them or become angry. A business can only grow from looking at mistakes, so knowing how to be level-headed when looking at mistakes can be very good for the future of the business.

Looking at the bigger picture instead of just at the situation at hand can be helpful when controlling one's own anger. Learning how to resort to other techniques such as compromise when faced with a difficult situation instead of anger can lead to better relationships in your personal life and workplace.

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