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Work Stress


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Are you plagued with work stress? According to the above infographic, you are not alone: 62% of American workers say that their job is their main source of stress.

Being aware of these statistics helps for workers to not add loneliness to their list of stressors; it is common for workers to be experiencing a sizable amount of stress at their jobs. 

Everyone copes with stress in different ways. Workers are frequently taking mental health days to recover from stressful work days. It is important for companies to see this problem in order to take measures to make their workers happier. If a worker is stressed, it can quickly lead to burn out or looking for other opportunities elsewhere. To keep employee retention and morale, a company should take action to help to mitigate this problem. A good place to start is for companies to be aware of the issue, which can be spurred by viewing statistics such as the ones above.

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