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What's in a Name?

Deciphering IKEA's Product Names


Every company has their own business models and practices that they follow. When selling consumer goods, there are many different factors to address in order to maintain the consumer experience. This may be your customer's first impression of your brand, so controlling the message you are sending and every aspect of their experience is wise.

It is important that factors of your business remain consistent so your customers know what to expect. This can be prevalent in all the small factors of the customer experience, such as how they are first approached in a store, the pricing structure, and the presentation of the items. One of the small factors of the item presentation is simple; the name of the product. One loved company, IKEA, reveals the way in which they regulate their product names and how each name is a logical decision in order to diminish internal confusion, and maintain the image of the company.

Please view the video above to learn about a very popular company and a business practice that they employ.

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