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Focus on the Future and Avoid Regrets


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It is wise to learn from your mistakes. However, it is unwise to focus on them so much that your regrets interfere with your future.

Reflecting on your mistakes can be an excellent learning opportunity. When looking at your past endeavours, it is very helpful in molding your future. You can learn what did and did not work in the past, and form actionable steps forward. But, if looking at your past leads you to look at mistakes as regrets, the reflective process could do more harm than good. 

One can easily fall into regretting steps of their past instead of learning from them and moving forward. When reflecting, try to always look at your past mistakes as learning opportunities, instead of mistakes. Viewing your past as negative or blaming it for certain circumstances can make you have trouble forming future plans. Instead, look back with your mind, but turn your focus towards the future.

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