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Keep Quiet and Carry On


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The saying is "Keep Calm and Carry On," a similar sentiment for staying quiet and observing your surroundings. Logically, it makes sense that if you are quieter, you can hear much more. However, this also has some deeper implications.

If you are not as focused on making sure that you are heard and instead focus on observing and absorbing what is going on around you, you may be better equipped to handle issues in your business and approach them with a logical answer. It is important to find that balance; make sure that you are heard but also be logical and know when to listen. 

Knowing when to speak and when to resort to listening will help not only your work relationships, but your personal relationships as well. People want to feel heard and be able to share their ideas without feeling like the other person is just waiting to interject or overshadow with their own thoughts. Taking the time to truly absorb what you are hearing will help you to become an active listener and respond thoughtfully.

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