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Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit at Any Age


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For Johan Hattingh, being 62 years old was not going to hold him back from his business goals. He started a business with his son and is on track to break $2 million. 

On the heels of his corporate experience as well as medical issues, he built a business and never looked back. His age did nothing to break his entrepreneurial spirit and his business has success to complement it.

This article, He's About To Break $2 Million In An Ultra-Lean Business He Started At Age 62, highlights that Johan's business is not an anomaly in the way of it's business structure; the business is only made up of him and his son. Businesses with no employees are becoming increasingly popular and are finding their own unique way to success. In other words, there is no set way to "making it" in the business world.

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