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How Important Is Culture to Your Company?


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What does your company culture look like? Does your company even have a culture to speak of? Answering these questions is necessary to keep both current and incoming employees happy. Every company has some sort of culture; whether it is well-defined or seemingly lacking, that is the question.

As referenced in this article, What Makes Up Your Company Culture?, culture is made up of many different factors such as the daily work activities and decision making. For current employees, paying attention to a company culture is important to show the employees that they are valued as people and not just as employees. 

Potential employees also want to feel this when they are interviewing at a company. Prospects will not want to join a company where they see the potential to be devalued. People want to be cared about, and the company culture is an excellent way to implement that caring spirit into the threads building the company.

Read this article to learn more about the influence of company culture.

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