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4 Ways to Focus


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Letting the mind wander during a meeting that could have been an email is a common occurrence. Here are some tips for how to always keep your mind attentive and focused.

1. Instead of coffee, try exercise

Drinking coffee filled with caffeine constantly can lead your brain to become dependent on it. It has been proven that exercise boosts focus, so try this method instead of caffeine.​

2. Hydrate often

It is important to make sure that your body is running off of the water it needs every day. Dehydration, even on a small scale can lead to inattention.

3. Devote time to sleep

If your body is constantly fighting the urge to catch up on sleep, it doesn't have a fair shot at being at its prime during the day. Your brain needs time to rest, as well as catch up on important brain functions.

4. Wiggle your toes

This is a silly trick, but engaging in a mindless act to bring your mind back to an attentive state is sometimes necessary. 

To learn more about these tips along with some factual insight, read this article.

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