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148 Rejections and 1 Success: What Makes the 149th Time Different?


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Entrepreneur Kathryn Minshew faced 148 rejections before she made vital changes that landed her success. What were those changes?

Kathryn Minshew cofounded The Muse, a website for jobs and career advice. After she was rejected that many times, giving up could be an understandable option. However, Kathryn rethought her strategy and made two small changes to her plan that landed her the investment she was seeking.

She employed two strategies; contain meetings to a specific time frame and garner feedback from users. These two strategies can be generalized and used in different business situations. By limiting her appointment times and not just saying that she was free to pitch whenever, Kathryn seemed more elite and desirable to the investors. This is a tactic to employ when reflecting on your own time management; putting your own schedule first can sometimes provide surprisingly great results.

Also, Kathryn sought reviews by not coming to users as the CEO, but instead as a consultant. Clients and users are more likely to give their raw, honest feedback to someone not fronting as the business.

To learn more, please read the full article here.

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