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The Future of Info Collection: The Pill Cam and More


Data collection is growing rapidly; programs like Google Earth and Facebook know more information about us than we like to admit. This TASA article, Information: The Next Natural Resource, evaluates current info-gathering programs, platforms that will be released on the market soon, and technology that is being developed that will shoot us into the future of the information age.

Data is constantly being generated about our behavior and personality, even though we are unaware most of the time. Websites are generating user data such as customer wait time that adds to the large amount of information that is available. In the future, information will be collected through inventions such as the pill cam; a camera that takes internal pictures of the body after it is swallowed. 

All of the information out there is useless until it is used effectively. For example, the key to successfully appealing to customers could be to get your hands on some of this insider data, and knowing what makes a customer tick. The medical field, security experts, and financial companies are just a select few of the vast number of industries that would find this information valuable.

Please read the TASA article, Information: The Next Natural Resource, to learn more about this topic.

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