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Expert Interview: Timothy Dimoff



Experts have different reasons for why they decided to engage in expert witness work. One of our law enforcement and safety experts, Timothy Dimoff, responded to the question, "How dio you decide to become an expert witness?" Tim highlights his past experiences and how they led him to expert witness work. Please read his response below:


Expert witness work is very hard and challenging work.  You can spend enormous amounts of time reading, writing, giving depositions, as well as testifying if the case actually goes to court. And since the attorneys completely check you out before hiring you, it is not for anyone who doesn’t have the time, the credentials or the stamina. It is very demanding work, but it also can be very rewarding.

I was attracted to expert witness work because I had over 40 years of solid experience in my field of law enforcement, security and HR high-risk issues. I wanted a way to utilize my expertise to help out. Expert witness work provides that for me.  I am drawn to complex situations and I like to solve problems, so expert witness work is a good fit for me. I have testified for both the defense and for the prosecution.  When my testimony helps win a case and I have helped to right a wrong, I find it immensely rewarding.  

If you are interested in expert witness work you must be a subject matter expert in a specific area. Unlike eyewitnesses, expert witnesses can and are expected to offer the court an opinion. You'll be paid for the time you spend reading the materials you receive from the attorney who hires you, as well as for your testimony at a deposition or in court.  You need to be a good writer, as well as a good speaker who is comfortable speaking in adversarial situations (depositions and courtroom appearances can be tense and combative). 

I think one of the most important aspects is that you are honest and come across as such, so only take on cases that you personally believe in.  It won’t help anyone, nor will it come across as sincere, if you don’t match your own sense of right and wrong.


Tim recently presented a webinar with TASA entitled Parameters to Determine Proper Use of Force. Please view his webinar here to learn more about this topic and Tim's expertise.


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