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Create, Don't Imitate


A dichotomy is presented in this quote from Herman Melville:

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." 

Nobody wants to think about failing; to devote time and energy and not succeed is heartbreaking. More is invested in original ideas than ideas taken from somebody else or imitated. Imitation can be a form of flattery, or a theft of ideas. This is a very thin line, but when done wisely, great success can be achieved. While the imitation may have a proven success rate, the original idea may be a completely new venture that is not yet in the market.

Even though original ideas carry a great deal of risk with them, they also carry an insurmountable amount of pleasure. Failure is always disappointing, but at least an original idea was pursued. Taking somebody else's ideas is not admirable, but putting your neck on the line with an original idea is always praiseworthy, whether a failure or success. 

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