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Day-in-the-Life and Settlement Brochure Video Services for Your Cases

To enhance your case strategy, the TASA Group, Inc. refers respected video production companies to provide "Day-in-the-Life" Videos and Settlement Brochures.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

A "Day-in-the-Life" Video demonstrates the severity of your client’s injuries, powerfully capturing their impact on his/her everyday routine activities.

  • Your client is shown, alone or assisted, performing basic daily functions – eating, communicating, moving or transferring, dressing, and attending to personal hygiene.
  • These high-quality, professional videos are often effectively used in product liability, brain injury, medical malpractice, and personal injury cases, illustrating daily challenges difficult for the jury to visualize.
  • The videos contain no scripting, narration, interviews, or musical background in order to present an objective view.

The experienced video production companies we refer are conscious of the sensitive nature of these videos and understand that for a severely injured client, performing even the most basic function can pose a significant challenge. The videographers we refer are trained to be patient and respectful.

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Settlement Brochure Videos

A Settlement Brochure Video is a dramatic portrayal of your client’s life before and after an injury. It can be presented at mediation, arbitration, and mandatory settlement conferences to demonstrate the value and strength of your case. Settlement Brochures can include the following:

  • Interviews with the client, family, friends, teachers, co-workers, experts, and witnesses
  • Daily activities of not only the injured client, but the family members and caretakers affected
  • Police reports, accident scene photos and film footage, news coverage, medical reports
  • Family photos, home videos, yearbook photos, awards
  • Narration, graphics, animation, background music

Unlike the Day-in-the-Life Video, the Settlement Brochure is designed to deliver a more emotional impact, with a compelling view of the mental, emotional, and physical hardship the injury has caused.

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