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Myra Jo B. (West Virginia): Registered Nurse with over forty years of experience in adult and pediatric patient care. I have practiced in Ohio, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. I have managed anesthesia staff and operating room staff in four different hospital organizations two of which are university settings. I have also assisted in construction of ambulatory and trauma level operating rooms. Exceptional communication skills to assist in determining the strengths & weaknesses of a surgical case.

Patrick B. (West Virginia): I am a forensic science professor with ten years of experience in the field of criminalistics. My specialties are in the areas of trace evidence and scene reconstruction. I can help attorneys (plaintiff and defense), law enforcement agencies or the private sector by examining and/or interpreting evidence in the context of a given case. I review cases, conduct examinations, examine crime scenes, assist with the cross-examination of opposing experts and provide expert testimony if necessary.

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More experts, more options, more personal service. The TASA Group's Regional Referral Advisors have unparalleled experience. Most have been building relationships with the West Virginia expert witnesses they refer for ten years or more. Their understanding of the experts’ skills helps them to deliver precise referrals. After speaking with you about your specific expert requirements, these advisors search our expert roster, drilling down into the subcategories that you might require. They then refer relevant West Virginia candidates, provide resumes at your request, help arrange your initial telephone screening interviews with experts, and follow up to ensure your satisfaction. If you do not ultimately designate or engage a West Virginia expert witness we refer, there is no charge for our services. TASA is also renowned for its rapid response. Most referrals are made within 24 hours of your request, saving you valuable time. Contact us today by email, phone, or online request form.

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