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David W. (Washington DC): Economist/Professor. Expertise in Global Financial Markets & Institutions; Econometric Modeling, Regulatory and Managerial Economics.Has been qualified as an expert economist in Federal, state and local courts on bank operations, the valuation of shares of privately held firms and franchises, and business and personal income losses.

David’s strengths include: damages, losses, financial institutions, identity theft, small business, revenues, costs, profits.

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More experts, more options, more personal service. The TASA Group's Regional Referral Advisors have unequalled experience. Most have been building relationships with the Washington DC expert witnesses they refer for more than a decade. Their understanding of the experts’ strengths helps them to refer specialists with pinpoint precision. After speaking with you concerning your specific expert criteria, these advisors search our expert network, drilling down into the subcategories that you might require. They then refer relevant Washington DC candidates, forward resumes at your request, help arrange your initial telephone screening interviews with experts, and follow up to ensure your needs have been met. If you do not ultimately designate or engage a(n) Washington DC expert we refer, there is no charge for our services. TASA is also renowned for its quick response. Most referrals are made within 24 hours of your request, saving you valuable time. Contact us today by email, phone, or online request form.

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