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In any legal setting, a tire expert witness is a professional wheel-repair specialist who gladly repairs machines or rather, a wide variety of wheels for vehicles – irrespective of their size. Their main role in litigation is to provide opinions on their expertise, which ranges from addressing bends, dents, cracks, misalignment and other damage types on wheels. They play a vital role to the jury and the judge in general by simplifying complex tire-related cases. And that is not all. They take it upon themselves also to educate the entire courtroom audience on matters tires. Read the processes of manufacturing tires, what materials are used and what causes tire damages. Their pertinent facts and plausible opinions in accident cases are considered very crucial.

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Locating the Best Tires Expert Witness

When you first contact TASA for a tires expert witness, we will discuss with you the location, time frame, experience and specialist credentials you need, helping you to define and refine your criteria if necessary. TASA referral advisors will then provide names of relevant tires expert witnesses, forward resumes, and help arrange your initial phone interviews with the candidates you select. This saves you valuable time and helps provide specialists ready to discuss your case. We later contact you to determine if you require someone other than the experts we first refer. TASA is renowned in the industry for making most referrals within 24 business hours of your inquiry. There is no fee for expert referrals unless you designate or engage an expert we refer to you. Contact us by phone, email or online request form for cost-effective, time-saving referrals to premier tires expert witnesses.

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