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Nicholas W. (Tennessee): This expert has extensive experience and expertise in the field of emergency medical services and critical care transport. Confident he would be an asset to your team as an expert witness. 

As a paramedic for over ten years, he responded to countless emergency situations and has witnessed firsthand the importance of proper medical care in critical situations. This expert has extensive knowledge of medical protocols, equipment and procedures and the ability to quickly and accurately assess patient conditions and provide appropriate treatment. His training and experience has given him a strong foundation in understanding medical standards of care and the ability to communicate.

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Why do clients trust TASA time after time to refer the finest experts? It’s because of our skilled staff. Our talented Regional Referral Advisors provide Tennessee expert witnesses and deliver uncompromising personal service. They respond rapidly to inquiries and make most referrals within 24 business hours of your request. Our advisors consult with you to understand the specific credentials, experience, and time frame your case demands so that they can bring you the most precise referrals possible. Because you will incur no charge unless you designate or engage an expert we refer, you can confidently reach out to TASA. For accomplished Tennessee expert witnesses to strengthen your case strategy, contact us by online request form, phone, or email.

Nicholas' strengths include: Medical records, medical research, first aid, paramedics, emergency medical technician, emergency medical services mgmt., mobile ICU transport paramedic, infusion devices, pumps, defibrillators, medical device safety, syringes & needles, medical devices, patient restraints, public health, nonphysician, disaster triage.

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