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Darwin B. (South Dakota): This consultant has been in agriculture during his entire working career. Most of this work has involved the feed industry and working with swine, poultry and pets. Since 1/1/95 he has been self employed as a consultant. This work has taken him to 22 countries some as many as 8 times. During the last 6 to 7 years he has added poultry welfare and the impact of animal production on the environment to his areas of expertise.

Kim S. (South Dakota): Principle geotechnical (soil) engineer with 25+ years in soil analysis for foundation support of single to multi-story buildings, bridges, grain bins, storage tanks, towers, etc. along with design of pavement systems and water pond liners. Strong background in construction testing. Experienced in reporting, testimony, and insurance case review for distressed structures, retaining walls, pavements, etc. Professional registration in SD, ND, MN, IA, NE. Services provided on over 1500 projects.

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Speed, precision, knowledge, follow-up, and personal service: these qualities of our accomplished staff motivate clients to return. TASA’s Regional Advisors customize referrals to South Dakota expert witnesses who meet your requirements for credentials and deadlines, provide fee and background information, and help arrange your initial telephone interviews with one or more prospects. These services are free of charge unless you designate or engage an expert we refer. Most often, you’ll receive your referral to a South Dakota expert witness within 24 business hours. Clients also value the helpful suggestions our advisors can provide about expertise options you might not have considered. Deadline on the horizon? Multiple experts required for the one case? We’ll exceed your expectations. Let the TASA team introduce you to South Dakota experts who can help you succeed. Call, email or complete our online request form.

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