TASA ID: 587 (Consumer Product Safety): Experienced compliance officer & investigator with Consumer Product Safety Commission; regulations, investigations & accident reconstruction regarding personal injury; inspections at importers & domestic manufacturers re: safety & consumer product regulation compliance; product hazards; testing & quality control; experience in preparation of discover documentation & testifying in trial & deposition.

TASA ID: 293 (Product Liability): Expert Witness primarily in automotive Product Liability and Accident reconstruction. Take other cases that involve Federal Safety Regulations, ANSI, OSHA,DOTA, Military Specs. Human Relations.Licensed Professional Engineer. Background includes: Development Engineer – trucks/vans in natural gas systems. Design/development engineer of trucks/cars for overseas markets, Product Validation/evaluation, dealer warranty analysis, Research/Development, Reliability.Holds eight U.S.Patents.

Expertise in Automotive Product Liability and Accident Reconstruction, Failure Analysis, Accident Diagnostics, Chassis Design/ Development, Vehicle Performance/Analytical and Test.

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