TASA ID: 1149 (Medical Oncology): I am a medical oncologist with 35 years in the private practice of medical oncology, hematology, and internal medicine. In 2004 I retired from active practice (but continued my faculty appointment as an associate professor in the department of medical oncology with the University of Washington) to concentrate on consultative medicine for insurance companies. My areas of expertise include all hematology problems and all cancer. I am knowledgeable about Radiation Therapy and Surgical Oncology.

TASA ID: 3959 (Medical Oncology): Consultant Oncologist Hematologist for 17 years, in multi specialty group as well as at a Veterans Health Care System. Internal Medicine and Oncology Board-certified. Expertise includes all types of cancer, including colon, lung, prostate, breast, ovarian, lymphomas, chronic leukemias, anemia of various etiologies, and coagulation disorder.

TASA ID: 2512 (Radiation Oncology): Medical Physicist. Former Professor of Radiation Oncology & Radiology.Principal Investigator of a program in Neutron Capture Therapy. Authored/co-authored many chapters/papers/reports in areas of boron neutron capture therapy, bone density measurement, digital subtraction angiography, mammography, neutron activation analysis, and radiation dosimetry. Author of pending patents of a commercial software product for the evaluation of x-ray exposure to patients during diagnostic procedures.

Expertise in Diagnostic imaging technology: selection, quality assurance, commissioning Nuclear Med technology: selection, Q A commission; Rad effects, protect, health phys; Radiation oncology phys.; Bone density measure; Digital and film-based mammogram equip; Diag rad expos assess and amelioration; Security inspection technology, flying-spot transmission and backscatter imaging; Boron neutron capture therapy; Microdosimetry& Monte Carlo-based treatment planning.

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