TASA ID: 2949 (Gynecology): Board Certified, highly experienced gynecologic surgeon especially in the areas of endometriosis surgery, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery and robotic surgery. Expertise includes hysterectomy and deep endometriosis resection and fibroids. Additionally am an expert in chronic pelvic pain and understand cases in delayed diagnosis resulting in longer term chronic pain issues.

TASA ID: 6360 (Gynecology): I am a board certified OB/Gyn (FACOG) with a vast experience in this field. I acquired skills in prenatal diagnosis, genetic counseling and board certified with American Board of Medical Genetics (FACMG). I assist pregnant women in deciding on the type of prenatal testing and I perform the invasive procedures. I coordinate care for women carrying fetuses with complex anomalies. I also provide care for women who are high- risk due to co-morbid factors such as diabetes, hypertension etc.

TASA ID: 730 (OB GYN): Board-certified OB-GYN, 35 years clinical experience, 18 years as expert reviewer/witness in malpractice, sexual assault & accident/trauma cases for both plaintiff & defense nationwide. Extensive deposition & trial experience (case list available). Currently OB-GYN & Teaching Faculty Member, at a Medical Center, 3/4 time.Voluntarily recertified every year since 1999.ACOG & ACS Fellow; ABOG Diplomat. Chaired or served on many hospital & medical assn. peer review & QA committees.
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