Short Biographies of New York Experts

David M. (New York): Board certified in internal medicine, I currently serve as a Clinical Assistant Professor at a school of Medicine. I have maintained an active clinical sub-specialty practice devoted entirely to Infectious Diseases. Areas of expertise include: Osteomyelitis, pneumonia/empyema/pulmonary infections, cellulitis/skin and soft tissue infections, sepsis, urinary tract infections/pyelonephritis, intra-abdominal infections, and many others caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other infectious agents.

Charles H. (New York): I am a practicing licensed psychologist with court experience. My forensic specialties include criminal behavior, types of crime and disability evaluations. My practice consists of offering a range of psychological services to a broad spectrum of clients. Clients include individuals with bipolar and other depressive disorders, personality disorders, anxiety disorders, pain disorders, sexual problems, family, marital as well as a variety of other psychological issues.

Arnold R. (New York): Currently an Associate Professor at a College of Dentistry. I serve on the College Admissions Committee, and am a Dental Examiner with a Regional Board of Dental Examiners. Serve as the liaison for the University in licensure actions. Fraudulent dental billing of Medicaid, wrongful dismissal of dental student from a dental university, violations of OSHA regulations, improper diagnosis and treatment of a variety of dental situations.

Theodore T. (New York): Has held positions as a police paramedic/detective, County EMS Coordinator, the Director of Trauma and Emergency Services and is currently Vice President for the Center of Emergency Services at area Medical Center. He helped created, the Regional Resource Center, EMS Academy, and the Medi-Vac Program (STAT FLIGHT) at area Medical Center.

Terry G. (New York): I have practiced since graduation in 1966. Each position I held had increased responsibilities including but not limited to staff development, supervision, per diem staff nurse, administration, Director of Nursing, Assistant Administration. I have worked in acute care, long term care, and home care. I have many years of survey experience both with JCH and the state Department of Health. I currently also teach in a nursing graduate program as well has work on nursing malpractice cases.

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