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TASA ID: 3724 (Mining): I have over twenty years of hands-on field experience in the areas of rotary-percussion track drill operations; electric / non-electric detonation systems and sequential blasting techniques; blasting plan preparation and implementation; blast design optimization and peak particle velocity prediction; post blast particle velocity and air-overpressure analysis; blasting claims mediation; and the successful provision of expert litigation support and blasting consulting services.

TASA ID: 1078 (Mining): I have the ability to work with multiple disciplines within the natural resources and energy industries to define issues and offer solutions. I have worked mining companies, energy companies, short line railroads, river and lake docks operators, equipment manufacturers, inventors/developers of renewable/biofuels, investors, mineral owners, financial and legal institutions. I am active in professional, energy associations, and alumni groups.

TASA ID: 897 (Mining and Petroleum): Geologist with 30 years of experience in the environmental field and oil industry. Has implemented environmental assessments and cleanups, as well as written extensively on environmental issues associated with oil drilling and remediation of oil spill leaks. A Repeat Fulbright Scholar Award Winner teaching environmental engineering workshops and an environmental assessment graduate class. Background includes bachelors and masters degrees in geology. Registered in several states.


TASA ID: 4169 (Mining and Petroleum): This expert has over 30 years of experience as a Geologist/Hydrogeologist/Environmental Geologist performing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, site contamination investigations (Phase II's), Site remediation (Phase III's). He specializes in Forensic Hydrogeology--taking over contaminated sites tht have been mis-managed and determining what is REALLY going on in the subsurface. He also specializes in bringing about SITE CLOSURE.

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Mining expert witnesses are capable professionals specialized in mining regulations, standards and protocols. They can testify regarding current laws and practices pertaining to mining operations. This is invaluable in legal proceedings looking at environmental infractions, community awareness and mining operations. Mining engineers, geologists, and operations managers are just some of the credentials these consultants may possess. Years of experience in the mining industry as well as a relevant academic background in the mining field are among some of the usual credentials of these experts. Cases involving stake and stockholders of mining companies usually call upon these mining expert witnesses to exemplify the legality of their operations.


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To make the most precise referrals possible to mining expert witnesses, TASA referral advisors will review the mining expert witness time frame, location, experience and credentials that you require, even assisting you, if necessary, in defining and refining your criteria. We will then provide names of mining expert witnesses who meet your requirements, send resumes at your request, and help set up introductory phone calls with selected candidates. This saves you valuable time and helps provide mining expert witnesses ready to discuss your case. Our advisors then follow up to help ensure your satisfaction. TASA is renowned in the industry for making most referrals within 24 business hours of your inquiry. Unless you designate or engage an expert TASA refers to you, there is no charge for our expert referrals. For timesaving, cost-effective referrals to the best mining expert witnesses, contact us by online request form, email or phone.

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