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Derrick F. (Michigan): Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University teaching Graduate and Undergraduate students. Teaching responsibilities in the areas of special education, educational leadership, student teaching and state and federal grant writing. Research Duties includes authentic research on current educational topics such as the new Michigan Merit Curriculum Reform Initiative.

Edward P. (Michigan): I help courts and law enforcement agencies understand the science and technology of voice identification within the state of Michigan. We all have distinctive characteristics to our voice and words as well as how we pronounce those words. Each of us has a unique nasal cavity, larynx, teeth, tongue, and mouth. These distinct characteristics all come together and create a unique sounding voice that can be examined and analyzed using computer software and auditory perception to determine if voices in question are from the same person.

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Speed, precision, knowledge, follow-up, and personalized service: this is how our experienced staff brings clients back. TASA’s Regional Advisors customize referrals to Michigan experts who meet your requirements for credentials and deadlines, provide fee and background information, and help arrange your telephone screening interviews with one or more prospects. These services are free of charge unless you designate or engage an expert we refer. Most often, you’ll receive your Michigan expert witness referral within 24 business hours. Clients also value the helpful recommendations our advisors can offer about expertise options you might not have considered. Rapidly approaching deadline? Multiple experts required for the same case? We’ll exceed your expectations. Let the TASA team introduce you to Michigan expert witnesses who can help you succeed. Call, email or fill in our online request form.

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