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TASA ID: 37 (Material Science): I have been recognized as an expert by State courts in CT, DE, FL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, and VA and Federal Courts in MD and Washington, DC. A recognized expert in the performance of polymeric materials including fibers, films, foams, fabrics and textile products, as well as the flammability behavior of these materials. Also, recognized as an expert in accident reconstruction and human behavior patterns in the use of products prepared from polymeric materials.

Expertise in performance and properties of Textile and polymeric Materials Polymers Flammability of textiles and polymers.

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right material science expert witness for your case. TASA’s experienced, regional referral advisors will review your specialistrequirements with you for experience, location, credentials, and deadlines. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours. TASA forwards expert CV’s at your request, outlines background and fee information, helps set up your first phone interviews with material science expert witnesses, and later contacts you to see if you require other expert referrals. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert we refer. The TASA Group has provided top-caliber experts to the legal, business, insurance, and law enforcement sectors since 1956. Contact us today for credible material science expert witnesses, by phone, email, or online request form.

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