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TASA ID: 273 (Marine Architect): Co-op student at Mar Inc. (1980-1981). Navy design and research Surveyor at American Bureau of Shipping (1982-1984). Regulatory compliance and approval Designer at Johan Valentijn, Inc. 1984-1988. Yacht and industrial design. Consultant and Partner at Martin, Ottaway, van Hemmen & Dolan, Inc. 1989 to present. Ship and yacht design, maritime accident analysis, risk assessment, valuation, operational analysis

TASA ID: 674 (Marine Architect): Naval Architect, Marine Engineer & Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer. Provide Engineering services to Maritime/Admiralty Attorneys, Insurance Groups, Government Agencies, regarding Casualty Investigation, Accident Reconstruction, Personal Injury & Latent Defects involving Commercial Vessels, Offshore Oil Equipment & Pleasure Vessels including Collisions/Allisions, Structural & Mechanical Failures, Slip/Fall. Extensive International experience in over forty countries.

TASA ID: 2811 (Maritime): Is the Co-founder and President of a consulting company that specializes in Marine Accident Reconstruction, Investigations, and Executive Support Services. Board Certified, Licensed Private Investigator. Board Certified Marine Investigator I. Boating accident/collision investigation, reconstruction, boating safety, navigation, Air Boat Operations, Search and Rescue.

Expertise in boating accident/collision investigation, reconstruction, boating safety, navigation, air boat operations, search and rescue.

TASA ID: 2114 (Maritime): Management operations and marketing expert with over twenty years of experience working with four separate container ocean carriers in an operational and contract enforcement capacity. Includes more than five years of ocean container marketing experience in a major west coast port securing ocean container services, drafting terminal use/stevedoring contracts and development customized transportation solutions for major PNW importers/exporters.

Expertise in maritime transportation and logistics general manager with over twenty years of experience in ocean terminal operations, labor management, ocean container marketing, ocean carrier deployment decision-making and container terminal contract negotiation and claims management. Key strengths include planning ocean carrier services, customizing operational requirements for shippers, forwarders and brokers in the maritime transportation and logistics field.

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To make the most precise referrals possible to maritime experts, TASA referral advisors will review the specialist time frame, location, experience and credentials that you require, even assisting you, if necessary, in defining and refining your criteria. TASA referral advisors will then provide names of relevant specialists, forward resumes, and help arrange your initial phone interviews with the candidates you select. We save you the legwork and put you in touch with maritime experts available to discuss your case. Our advisors then follow up to help ensure your satisfaction. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours of your request. There is no fee for expert referrals unless you designate or engage an expert we refer to you. For timesaving, cost-effective referrals to the best maritime expert witnesses, contact us by online request form, email or phone.

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