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TASA ID: 225 (Herbicide): PhD Microbiology, MS Bacteriology, specializing in Toxicology- pesticides/herbicides/heavy metals-lead/copper/iron; benzene, PCB; Microbiology (food poisoning, mold, wound infections, antibiotics); Environmental Bio and effects of exposure on plants/humans/other animals including Chemistry; Analytical Chem.; Odor Assessment; Med. Science: immunology/asthma/allergies/ infections; Risk Assessment for acute+chronic effects incl. cancer, and peer review for NIH, NIEHS, Superfund, EPA, ATSDR, CDC.

Herbicide Expert Witness Insight

Herbicide expert witnesses are professionals with extensive experience working on different aspects of herbicide use. They are scientists and researchers usually from the fields of chemistry and biology who can testify regarding herbicide production, chemical components, adverse effects and toxicity to the environment. They can elucidate the court regarding proper storage, herbicide resistances, soil leaching, groundwater contamination, airborne toxins, safety hazards and proper herbicide application procedures. These experts can also explain weed resistances, hormonal effects, superbugs and other effects of herbicide applications. Any court proceedings which delve into the legal ramifications of herbicide use would be better served in consulting an herbicide expert witness.

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When you are searching for the right herbicide expert witness to assist with your case, TASA responds quickly, with precise referrals. Our experienced, regional referral advisors will discuss specific herbicide expert witness credentials with you, as well as the location, experience, and time frame you need. We make most referrals within 24 business hours. We provide background and fee information, forward expert resumes at your request, help arrange your initial phone interviews with herbicide expert witnesses, and follow up to see if you require other experts. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert witness we refer. Since 1956, The TASA Group has connected legal, insurance, law enforcement, and business clients with superior expert witnesses and consultants. For stellar herbicide experts and personal service, contact TASA today by phone, email, or online request form.

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