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TASA ID: 3853 (Geology): First and longest serving Certified ACE Master Operations Transformation Leader in a major company's history. Global subject matter expert for six-sigma, lean enterprise development, lean assessment and training in 3P, mixed model and shared resource value chain environments, including commercial and aerospace quality systems, and Lean Enterprise Institute philosophies. He served as a corporate liaison for associations and organizations.

TASA ID: 3998 (Geology): Archaeologist/Anthropologist, Cultural Resource with expertise in Public Archaeology Historic Preservation, Architectural History, Ethics of Collecting Cultural Objects, Forensic investigations missing persons, and burial, Social Scientist, U.S. Army, Foreign Military Studies Office. Published book on Afghanistan. As a historical archaeologist, I have published four books on Archaeological subjects.

TASA ID: 1325 (Geology): Certified Hydrogeologist and Engineering Geologist, and Licensed Professional Geologist. Thirty-three year professional career. Experience in construction defect litigation involving ground movement including: soil subsidence, landslides, foundation failure, groundwater, and moisture intrusion. I have been involved in the construction and repair of geologic and geotechnically related defects and/or failures. Experience also includes public works projects, earthquake damages; fault studies.

TASA ID: 48 (Geophysics): Certified Professional Geologist. Field, engineering, environmental and hydro-geology experience. Soils engineering, Watershed management, water supply and development, ground / surface water interface. Land-use planning, solid waste management, flood plain and watershed protection, geophysics and remote sensing Performed Natural Resource inventories for several municipalities. Major hydrogeological investigations for large chemical facilities

TASA ID: 2329 (Geophysics): Imaginative problem-solving geophysicist with professional experience in identifying scientific and technical problems, generating solutions to support planned business objectives. Proven success in operating and managing scientific and technical business programs. I have overcome challenges to research, invent, develop, and apply new and legacy geophysical technologies. My career has focused on applied geophysical and related sciences through data collection, analysis, and reporting results.

TASA ID: 3065 (Geophysics): Petroleum geoscientist: 28 years as oil & gas explorationist and exploration manager. Proven oil finder. Experience with entire exploration process and all geological and geophysical disciplines, special expertise with seismic. AAPG Certified Geologist, worked many US and international basins. Broad understanding of technical and commercial issues which can give rise to disputes. Experience with legal and regulatory hearings; able to communicate technical and commercial issues to lay audiences.

Insights From Geology Expert Witnesses

Geology experts are people who have studied about the solid Earth and the courses through which it is shaped and altered. They have knowledge about plate tectonics, the history of life and evaluation, and past climates. They play important role in geotechnical engineering, and in the exploration of hydrocarbon and mineral, evaluation of water resources, prediction of natural hazards, and remediation of environmental problems. They can perform a wide range of investigations to serve in legal proceedings. Geology expert witnesses assist in cases associated with surficial failures, landslides, slope creep, expansive soil, construction change orders, construction defects, flooding events, settlement of structures, etc.

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right geology expert witness for your case. Our experienced, regional referral advisors will discuss specific geology expert credentials with you, as well as the location, experience, and time frame you need. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours. We provide background and fee information, forward expert resumes at your request, help arrange your initial phone interviews with geology authorities, and follow up to see if you require other experts. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert witness we refer. Since 1956, The TASA Group has connected legal, insurance, law enforcement, and business clients with superior experts and consultants. Contact us today for credible geology expert witnesses, by phone, email, or online request form.

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