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TASA ID: 745 (Aerosol): Research and development director with over twenty years of experience managing the efforts of new product development, product cost savings, product maintenance, technical service, technology sourcing, process engineering, and quality assurance. Strong communicator of technical language into commercial/marketing/lay language. Experience in industrial coatings, paints, adhesives, and in their development, testing, and production.

TASA ID: 4689 (Aerosol): This expert recently served as an HSE Advisor to an independent producer of shale gas. Provided industrial hygiene plans and oversaw sampling of hydrocarbon exposures for facilities across South Texas. Controlling and managing health risks in the aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, government and manufacturing sectors has been a constant success factor in my career as a safety and health professional for over 20 years.

TASA ID: 2456 (Fuel Systems): Has extensive training and background in areas dealing with autoproducts. He worked for automanufacturer in component design, manufacture and testing. Holds Masters and Doctorate in AutoEngineering. He is an internationally recognized expert with professional memberships in the SAE and NAPARS. Has acted as a technical engineering expert in more than 2,500 vehicle crash cases involving mechanical failure, defective manufacture or maintenance of motor vehicles, deposed/testified 200+ times.

TASA ID: 3297 (Fuel Systems): Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio/California. Over 30 years of design experience in automotive, aerospace, and commercial industries. Developed products from conception through manufacturing with a thorough understanding of the trade-offs used to bring specific products to the commercial market. Thorough knowledge of all the aspects of industrial manufacturing equipment and unique aerospace processes emphasizing efficiency and safety. Forensic engineering is used on a daily basis.

TASA ID: 1210 (Gas): The expert is a professional engineer with 35 years experience in mechanical engineering, including design, construction and maintenance of various industries such as nuclear, defense and health care facilities. He has knowledge of renovation of existing air conditioning systems, layout of natural and liquid gas pipelines; LNG and cryogenics build storages; medical gases installations, steam/condensate return and chilled water pipelines.

TASA ID: 3674 (Gas): M.S. Fire Protection Engineering, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Failure analysis, Fire Suppression/Alarm Systems, Plumbing Systems, Gas Supply Systems, Consumer Products, Autos/Trucks/Other Vehicles, Fuel-Fired Appliances, HVAC Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Agricultural/Construction Equipment, Furnaces, Boilers, Water Heaters, Fuel Systems, and Explosions. I have performed more than 500 investigations for insurance, legal, and private clients on claim sizes as large as $500,000,000.

TASA ID: 4357 (Natural Gas): This expert has 25 years of experience within the Shell Oil family of companies, applying process and compositional chemistry knowledge to petroleum processing and oil product problem solving. Currently, his consulting activities utilize his process chemistry knowledge and petroleum-processing experience to support problem-solving activities in petroleum related industries. He also provides expert consultation in petroleum related litigation.

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