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TASA ID: 931 (Environment): Tom has over 25 years of environmental engineering and health and safety experience in project management, process safety management, air quality compliance, strategic planning, and environmental control systems design. His services have included work in 22 states for the chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and surface coating, electronics, food, metals, automotive, and other industries.

TASA ID: 1962 (Environmental Engineer): Consulting or contract assignments as process engineer/project engineer/project manager on chemical specialties projects. Experience as a hands-on project manager and process engineer on $ 1-20MM projects: Tall oil distillation; resin plants, material handling and automation; odor reduction and other environmental and safety/OSHA related facilities; geraniol and other terpenes multi-step batch processes; food additives (FDA) and fragrances; sterols process/project development etc.

Expertise in Chemical Engineering, OSHA, food additives (FDA) and fragrances; resin plants; chemical processing; wastewater treatment and other environmental issues.

TASA ID: 837 (Environmental Engineer): Registered Professional Engineer/Consulting Environmental Engineer. Retired Director of Operations for wastewater company, where I was responsible for 2 Wastewater Treatment Plants, Industrial Pretreatment, Land Application of BioSolids, etc. Worked on nine construction projects with a total cost of over $120M in Little Rock, AR. Performed on site inspection, overall project coordination including pay request, final acceptance and compliance with contract documents.

Expertise in Operation of wastewater treatment plants, O & M & capital budgets, anaerobic digestion, application of bio-solids, evaluation of treatment plant operations, construction observation and related management, determination of performance compliance, construction evaluation as compared to actual construction, compliance with plans and specifications.

TASA ID: 1055 (Environmental Impact Studies): Performing assessments of aquatic resource information for government agencies and the private sector since 1974. He is an expert in threatened and endangered species of fish, dam removal permits, habitat restoration, underwater explosive and pile driving impacts on fish, aquatic risk assessment and aquatic pest control. Served as an expert witness on many cases related to fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic ecology.

TASA ID: 1303 (Environmental Medicine): MD and MPH (major:Epidemiology). Occupational and environmental medicine since 1982. Assessment of toxic effects of exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and substances. Review of records, written reports, depositions, affidavits, courtroom testimony. Defense and plaintiff. Exposure assessment a particular strength. Medical record reviews. Disability Consultation.

TASA ID: 1752 (Environmental Medicine): Board-certified occupational medicine and internal medicine physician with 15 years' experience in diagnosis of occupational and environmental diseases, epidemiological investigations and research, and occupational medical surveillance and prevention. Medical-legal consultation work (plaintiff and defense) has focused on IAQ and mold-related illness and workers' compensation related to toxicological occupational and environmental diseases/exposures.

TASA ID: 464 (Forestry): Strong foundation and well educated in forestry, oceanography, and meteorology. Achieved bachelors in forestry from University of Georgia in 1960 and graduated with a PhD in 1973. Also attended US Airforce Meteorological program at the University of Texas from 1960 to 1961. Began career as student trainee at USFS and has gradually progressed to become the President and Chief Scientist of a consulting association.

TASA ID: 1800 (Forestry): Master Arborist with MS in Entomology. Worked for USDA Forest Service and USDA APHIS, then consulting in forestry and green industry for many years for private, commercial & govt clients. Became Head Natural Resource Manager for a 1200 acre estate and botanical garden. Experience includes diagnosis of plant problems, natural resources GPS/GIS mapping programs, tree preservation programs, mgt of privately owned woodlands, ecological and wetlands construction.

TASA ID: 897 (Gulf Wildlife): Geologist with 30 years of experience in the environmental field and oil industry. Has implemented environmental assessments and cleanups, as well as written extensively on environmental issues associated with oil drilling and remediation of oil spill leaks. A Repeat Fulbright Scholar Award Winner teaching environmental engineering workshops and an environmental assessment graduate class. Background includes bachelors and masters degrees in geology. Registered in several states

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right environment expert witness for your case. Our experienced, regional referral advisors will discuss specific environment expert witness credentials with you, as well as the location, experience, and time frame you need. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours. TASA forwards expert CV’s at your request, outlines background and fee information, helps set up your first phone interviews with environment expert witnesses, and later contacts you to see if you require other consultant referrals. There is no charge unless you designate or engage an expert witness we refer. The TASA Group has provided top-caliber experts to the legal, business, insurance, and law enforcement sectors since 1956. For stellar environment experts and personal service, contact TASA today by phone, email, or online request form.


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