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TASA ID: 1676 (Audio Engineering): Audio Engineer with over 20 years of experience. Now owner of audio design company offering cutting edge technology to provide restoration, among its many services. This process is particularly useful to attorneys, private investigators and members of public law enforcement agencies by cleaning up seemingly unusable or inaudible audio recordings to be submitted as evidence. Also all stages of record production and engineering.Expertise in Audio Engineering and Forensic Audio.

TASA ID: 1787 (Audiologist): Full-time practicing forensic audiologist. He has held the rank of Professor at two University Schools of Medicine. He has served as president of 5 national international, and state organizations. He has chaired and served on dozens of committees, and has served as an advisor on regulatory panels. Has over 30 publications in peer reviewed professional journals.

Expertise in hearing loss, noise, noise induced hearing loss, forensic audiology, issues of audibility of warning signals, community noise, hearing conservation, industrial audiology, hearing protector effectiveness.

TASA ID: 1194 (Chemical Engineering): Chemical Engineer with Ph.D. and successful background in chemical engineering research with emphasis on plastic film products and foam packaging products. Over 30 years' experience includes technical analysis; new business development; product/process development to reduce costs & improve quality; planning and finance. Served as packaging consultant and previously as manager in the films division of a major chemical company; holds several patents.

TASA ID: 2741 (Civil Engineer): PhD in Civil Engineering with specialty in the concrete and cement industry. Has evaluated foundation failures in commercial buildings.Holds several patents.Expertise in concrete and cement, foundation failures, failure analysis, building failures.

TASA ID: 64 (Electrical Engineering): Engineer w/ over 45 yrs of experience in forensic studies, feasibility studies, preliminary planning, detailed design, project management, equipment manufacture, site & construction inspection, operation, maintenance, safety training, and startup of industrial systems. I have taught electrical hot-line schools, safety courses, and accident investigation workshops. Presently, I am a self-employed consultant specializing in forensic engineering, electrical engineering, and project management.

Expertise in Electrical Engineering - Power Accident Investigation.

TASA ID: 47 (Electrical Engineering): Professor of Biomedical Engineering for over 30 years, is Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer, and has Ph.D. in biomedical engineering. Specializes in electrical injury, biomedical engineering, medical devices, implanted medical devices, electric shock.Has been co-investigator for grants for implanted medical devices involving heart monitoring and stents.

Expertise in electrical shock injuries and design of medical devices.

TASA ID: 665 (Electromechanical Engineering): Ph.D., electrical engineering. Expert witness in approximately 50 cases. Major interests include electric power systems, and system design issues related to the control and conversion of electric energy, particularly electromechanical systems. Specialist on hybrid-electric vehicles, design of control systems.Published a textbook in electromechanical energy conversion, and approximately 60 technical articles.

Expertise in Personal Injury, Patent Infringement, Electric Shock, Electrical Accident &Failure Analysis, Electrical Fires, Electric Power Engineering, Power Electronics, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electrical Control Systems.

TASA ID: 1399 (Electromagnetics and Electrodynamics): PhD in Applied Physics with 40 years of experience. This expert applies analytical/computational tools to solve science, technology and engineering problems. He analyzes plasma and electrodynamic processes in laboratories, investigates plasma applications in space, industry, and fusion. He carries out numerical analyses and developed scientific software for Fortran and C languages, Unix and Windows operating systems.

Expertise in plasmas, math applications, electrodynamics & electromagnetics, space physics, expert witnessing on physics/math applications & technology

TASA ID: 950 (Engineering): This expert works with the design, construction, maintenance and testing of railroad signaling systems (both crossings and wayside signals). He also works on railroad accident reconstruction (crossing collisions, train collisions, pedestrian strikes, platform accidents, FELA injuries), train crew operating rules compliance, human factors of motorists as they approach crossings, and Positive Train Control (PTC).

TASA ID: 1208 (Engineering): Engineering expert with experience in design and preparation of grading plans, commercial structures, office buildings, single family dwellings and multi-unit residential facilities; compliance with numerous codes including HVAC, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Federal Construction Specifications, ASTM Codes; and providing all supporting engineering services for complete site plans, including street design, waterline and sewer design. Licensed Professional Engineer: Civil and Mechanical.

TASA ID: 2958 (Hydraulic Engineer): Licensed Professional Engineer with M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. 25 years of experience designing heavy track machinery. Former President of a company manufacturing railway track maintenance machinery and providing track contract services. Specialized in machine design, safety, product liability, track design, hydraulics, world marketing. Experience with freight/passenger/municipal transit track. Also Accredited Marine Surveyor based on years of Diesel engine & machine design experience.

Expertise in First: Railway Track Engine: 35 yr. design, manufacture & market track machinery & track services. Expert design & construction track & machines to maintain & construct track. Include track safety, rail, fasteners, ballast, ties, switches. Expert in hydraulics, Diesel, structural, & controls Second - Marine propulsion, Diesel engines, & general marine engineering. Accredited Marine Surveyor: propulsion, engines, catastrophic failure engines & marine components.

TASA ID: 1124 (Industrial Engineering): Seasoned Operations Manager/Process Consultant with significant accomplishments in both operating & consulting companies. Assignments have included full management responsibility for an integrated oil refinery. Extensive practice as an engineering manager, project manager & process engineer. In-depth experience in the application of multi-variable control & expert systems to process automation. Acknowledged industrial expert in plant operations, financial analysis & process safety management.

TASA ID: 472 (Industrial Engineering): Ph.D. and Expert witness with over 35 years experience in the understanding and application of metallurgy, materials selection, failure analysis, design and corrosion related issues. Troubleshooting and failure investigations on malfunctioning machinery and equipment. Inspections, site condition surveys, failure analysis investigations, cause and origin assessments, testing and simulation studies, etc. Has testified in court and deposition. Presents seminars/in-house training for engineers.

TASA ID: 1801 (Logistics Engineering): Extensive experience in operations research; probabilistic and statistical pattern recognition, classification and discrimination; modeling and simulation (discrete event and multi-agent); optimization; computer and information systems analysis, design, security and programming; statistics; quality management; organizational design; and intellectual property. Invented and patented predictive dialing for outbound telephone call centers.

TASA ID: 1916 (Logistics Engineering): Industrial management experience at Ford Motor, Food Machinery & Chemical (FMC) Corporation, Collins Foods. Positions held: logistics analyst; corporate planning analyst; division general manager Management consulting experience at ATKearney; Coopers & Lybrand; Case & Co.; Arthur D. Little Consulting positions held: associate; manager; principal; partner 100 Client companies conducted 250 client engagements and projects in the supply chain logistics field.

TASA ID: 3453 (Mechanical Engineering): BME & MS Mechanical Engineering- Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Imperial Experience - coop NASA MSFC wind tunnel - Chrysler, climate control - Navy, Civil Engineering Corp, American Computing, developed CFD codes for Ford Engineering Fellow, thermal systems, anti-icing.

Expertise in 1. Physics (knowing WHAT to do) - fluid flow - heat transfer (convection, conduction, radiation) - thermodynamics 2. Tools (knowing HOW to do) - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with integrated empirical models - Mathematics for small models - System engineering, functional analysis to define problems - Testing for model validation 3. Application areas - automotive cooling - aircraft, cooling, anti-icing, system integration - energy conservation, boilers.

TASA ID: 1371 (Traffic Engineering): This PhD expert has evaluated several thousand industrial and vehicular accidents. He performed research and field investigations for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as an investigator and team member for NHTSA's Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN). The traffic expert has presented papers and lectured at a number of technical conferences in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America. He is the author of over 50 publications.

TASA ID: 1556 (Traffic Engineering): Was Traffic Engineer with State DOT, in charge of the Safety Improvement Program. Chairman of the intergovernmental Committee for Accident Prevention & Safety.Traffic Engineer for a major NY city, in charge of all Traffic Engineering & Street Lighting for city of 75,000. Principal of my company, have worked for over 50 municipalities & many private companies & attorneys. Also Expert Witness Testimony, Signal, Guide Rail, Bridge Rail & Lighting Design, Traffic, Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety.

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