TASA ID: 3207 (Elevator): I investigate a wide variety of mechanical and safety issues, including workplace injuries involving machinery, machinery failures, consumer product failures, and automotive accident reconstruction. I have over fifteen years experience as a forensic engineer. Prior experience includes seventeen years as an engineer in the areas of research, design and manufacturing. I have testified in multiple state and federal venues.

TASA ID: 550 (Elevator): I have served as an expert witness in over 1000 elevator and escalator cases and have testified over 80 times in both State and Federal Courts. I have conducted CLE classes in New York and seminars. Elevator & Escalator accident investigation Elevator & Escalator accident reconstruction. Code research Expert witness at deposition and trial. Design and prototyping of replacement Elevator and Escalator components.

TASA ID: 4464 (Elevator): This expert performs engineering investigations and failure analysis from a mechanical engineering perspective. His projects have dealt with design analysis, product liability, intellectual property, manufacturing, accident investigation and reconstruction, fire cause/origin and component testing. This expert manages and directs large, complex projects involving multiple parties and disciplines.

TASA ID: 4564 (Escalator): This expert is a Licensed Professional Engineer and United States Patent Agent. His work is performed in support of litigation, intellectual property disputes, product recalls, insurance investigations, & industrial problem solving. He has investigated, analyzed, and reconstructed accidents involving vehicles, mechanical systems and industrial equipment. He has provided expert testimony in numerous legal jurisdictions. He has worked on projects in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

TASA ID: 4141 (Escalator): The expert performs analysis of accidents, premises liability, and property loss incidents. He holds both Bachelor of Science and Master of Mechanical Engineering degrees. Since 1980, he has provided services to the legal profession including Product & Equipment inspection; Safety Analysis; Code & Standards compliance; Assessment of Work Practices; Evaluation of Warnings and User Manuals; Research; Report Preparation; and Expert Testimony for Deposition and/or Trial.

TASA ID: 1208 (Escalator): Engineering expert with experience in design and preparation of grading plans, commercial structures, office buildings, single family dwellings and multi-unit residential facilities; compliance with numerous codes including HVAC, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Federal Construction Specifications, ASTM Codes; and providing all supporting engineering services for complete site plans, including street design, waterline and sewer design. Licensed Professional Engineer, Civil, Mechanical.

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