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TASA ID: 1044 (Education): Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University teaching Graduate and Undergraduate students. Teaching responsibilities in the areas of special education, educational leadership, student teaching and state and federal grant writing. Research Duties includes authentic research on current educational topics such as the new Michigan Merit Curriculum Reform Initiative.

Expertise in Education, Special Education, Grant Management, Curriculum Development.

TASA ID: 490 (Education): Special Education professor; published in behavioral disorders, exceptional children; extensive experience in independent educational evaluations; expert in unilateral placements, discipline issues, emotional disturbance, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, cognitive delays, family court issues, Miranda warning, readability issues criminal. Presented at APA, Annual National Speakers Conf. on Autism, Intl. Council for Children w/Behavioral Disorders; independent educational evaluation presentations.

Expertise in Special Education, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Cognitive Challenges, Developmental Delays, Independent Educational Evaluations, Testing, Functional Behavioral Assessments, Behavior Disorders, Behavior Intervention Plans, Custodial Issues concerning Children & Youth with Disabilities, special education expert, emotional disturbance, special education advocate, Developmental Disabilities, IEE.

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