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Why TASA for a Construction Law Expert Witness?

TASA stands as your reliable ally when seeking a qualified expert witness for construction law cases. Our dedicated regional referral advisors specialize in the nuances of construction law and can assist you in locating an expert with the precise qualifications, experience, and geographic proximity that align with your case requirements. We are committed to providing you with expert referrals within 24 business hours, streamlining the process effectively.

Our services encompass providing in-depth information about the expert's background and fees, furnishing expert resumes upon request, facilitating initial phone interviews with construction law specialists, and ensuring all your case-specific needs are met. You will not incur any charges unless you choose to retain one of the experts we recommend.

For over six decades, The TASA Group has been fostering connections between legal professionals, insurers, construction industry entities, and businesses, linking them with top-tier experts and consultants. If you are in need of credible construction law expert witnesses, feel free to contact us via phone, email, or our online request form.


What is the importance of an Expert Witness in a Construction Law Case? 

Expert witnesses play a pivotal role in construction law cases by providing specialized knowledge and testimony that aids the court and the jury in understanding intricate issues related to the case. Here are key reasons why expert witnesses are crucial in construction law cases:

Specialized Knowledge: Expert witnesses possess specialized knowledge and expertise in construction-related fields, such as architecture, engineering, project management, or building codes. Their insights provide valuable information that non-experts, including judges and jurors, may lack.

Clarification of Complex Issues: Construction law cases often involve technical, engineering, or contractual complexities that may be challenging for laypeople to grasp. Expert witnesses can elucidate these complexities, making them comprehensible to the court and the jury.

Credibility: Expert witnesses are generally regarded as credible and impartial sources of information. Their testimony carries significant weight in the courtroom, influencing the case's outcome.

Establishing Liability: In construction law cases, establishing liability is often crucial. Expert witnesses can provide evidence to support claims of construction defects, contract breaches, or negligence that may have led to legal disputes.

Damage Assessment: Expert witnesses assist in assessing the extent of damages incurred. For instance, a construction cost expert can provide insights into financial losses, while a structural engineer can evaluate the physical impact of construction-related issues.

Rebutting Opposition Claims: Expert witnesses can challenge and counter arguments presented by opposing experts, especially in cases where conflicting expert opinions exist.

Strengthening Settlement Negotiations: Even if a case does not go to trial, credible expert witnesses enhance the negotiating position during settlement talks. The opposing party may be more inclined to settle if they recognize the strength of expert testimony.

Educating the Jury: Expert witnesses play a crucial role in educating the jury about facts and issues relevant to the case, enabling jurors to make informed decisions.

Meeting Legal Requirements: In certain jurisdictions, construction law cases may necessitate expert testimony to establish specific elements. Failure to provide this testimony could result in case dismissal.

In summary, expert witnesses are vital in construction law cases, bringing expertise, credibility, and clarity to complex issues. Their testimony significantly influences case outcomes, ensuring justice is served in construction law matters.

What Makes a Good Construction Law Expert Witness?

A competent construction law expert witness is pivotal in legal proceedings, providing objective and credible testimony related to the case. Whether testifying in court or providing depositions, a strong expert witness significantly impacts the outcome of a construction law case. Here are key attributes that make a good construction law expert witness:

Qualifications and Credentials: A credible expert witness should possess relevant academic degrees, professional licenses, certifications, and substantial experience in construction law.

Expertise and Specialization: The expert witness should have expertise and specialization in the specific construction law area relevant to the case, such as contracts, regulations, project management, or dispute resolution.

Impartiality: A good expert witness maintains objectivity, forming opinions based solely on presented facts and evidence without bias toward any party involved.

Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial. The expert should explain complex concepts clearly for judges and jurors, using language accessible to non-experts.

Preparation and Diligence: A good expert witness thoroughly reviews case-related materials, conducts independent research, and is well-prepared for testimony, demonstrating a deep understanding of the case.

Experience as an Expert Witness: Prior experience as an expert witness is valuable, as it indicates familiarity with the legal process, courtroom etiquette, and effective cross-examination handling.

Ethical Conduct: Adherence to ethical standards, including honesty, integrity, and professional responsibility, is essential to maintain credibility.

Availability and Timeliness: The expert witness should be accessible and able to meet deadlines for legal proceedings, including depositions, hearings, and trial dates.

Comprehensive Reports: The expert witness should produce well-structured reports outlining opinions, methodology, and the basis for conclusions—a critical component in construction law cases.

Testimonial Skills: In court, the expert witness should exhibit composure, confidence, and respect, responding to questions clearly and directly to maintain credibility.

Ability to Handle Cross-Examination: The ability to withstand cross-examination by opposing counsel is vital. A strong expert witness can navigate challenging questions without becoming defensive.

Understanding of Legal Standards: The expert witness should be familiar with legal standards and requirements relevant to testimony in the jurisdiction where the case is being heard.

Continual Learning: Staying current with developments in construction law demonstrates a commitment to ongoing education and expertise.

Selecting the right construction law expert witness is crucial for case success. Attorneys should carefully evaluate potential experts to ensure they possess these attributes and are well-suited for their specific case.


TASA Refers Construction Experts and Hundreds More


TASA ID: 2412 (Building Code): Licensed Professional Engineer with 20 years of experience in structural design and analysis of a broad range of building and structure types. 5 years of experience with structural steel fabrication. Experience includes design in cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, masonry, light gage steel, aluminum, and wood, and design and analysis of low rise building structures. 7 years of practical residential and light commercial construction experience.

Expertise in design and analysis of low rise building structures including commercial, retail, religious, historical, education, industrial, foundations, and special structures. Materials used in design and analysis include steel, concrete, wood, heavy timber, masonry, light gage steel, aluminum.

TASA ID: 3487 (Building Code): Professional Mechanical and Structural Engineer (PE) specializing in Structural Inspection and Evaluation, Technical investigation, Failure and Fault analysis, Tornado, Flood, Fire, Seismic, and Damage from vibration from Drilling. Residential and Commercial buildings. Also have extensive construction background and experience. Seasoned expert witness in cases from $10k to $4.5M. Also provide litigation support and consultation.

Expertise in engineering, structural and construction.

TASA ID: 4004 (Building Design): Experienced consultant with a widely varied manufacturing and distribution background including material handling system design, storage rack layout, material flow analysis & design, bar-code & RFID systems, warehouse automation, warehouse software systems, operational analysis, & project management. Over 30 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing, warehousing, & logistics operations. Holds certifications in Materials Management, OSHA Compliance, HACCP, and Construction management.

TASA ID: 3611 (Building Design): I design many large custom homes, commercial, self storage, fabric frame structures and multifamily projects. I have experience in small company finance and accounting. Prior to the engineering company, I managed large and small construction projects, client communications, scheduling and all aspects of the design process. I was responsible for critical path scheduling, and GIS mapping of a large department of the Interior pipeline project in Central Utah.

TASA ID: 2488 (Construction): Civil Engineer with over 25 years in the construction industry. Specializes in public works construction projects, residential, retail and commercial. Managed construction projects and claims representing contractors and owners. Conducted numerous construction management training classes. Claims specialties are delay analysis, change orders, contractual disputes, construction defects and forensic analysis.

TASA ID: 3457 (Construction): With more than 30 years of construction-related experience, he is an authority on remedial construction cost estimates, standard of care opinions, and means and methods of remedial construction. His architectural and interior design experience, coupled with hundreds of remedial construction projects, has honed his attention to detail and problem-solving abilities. He has acted as an expert in hundreds of construction defect cases since 1986.

TASA ID: 3686 (Construction Defects): Seasoned expert in cause of loss analysis related to water infiltration, fire, degradation of anti-slip materials, code analysis for violation or lack thereof, and construction defects. Experienced working as defense and plaintiff construction defects expert. Cover the East and Southeastern United States.

Professional Experience over 30 years in residential and commercial contracting experience, cause of loss analysis construction defect claims, expertise covered vs. non-covered analysis arbitration, mediation, umpire liability analysis site inspections, slip and fall injury site inspections, code issue analysis, water filtration analysis, subrogation recovery identification analysis, and pursuit additional insured - third party tenders with pursuit experienced trial expert.

TASA ID: 1947 (Construction Defects): Building career for large construction firms in the Northeast and Midwest for 30+ years in the private and public sectors. Was a principal in a national construction company and CEO of a Connecticut construction management company involving projects from small renovations to high rise buildings of more than 1million sf. Currently, Steve utilizes his skills in project control, team management and business management through construction consulting, business coaching and community service.

TASA ID: 672 (Cranes and Hoists): Strong background in design and manufacture of numerous different mechanical products fabricated from metals, plastics, wood and other materials. Career in manufacturing companies included responsibilities in construction, engineering, manufacturing, quality, sales, distribution, marketing and general management. Experience in litigation support includes construction and industrial accident investigation set forth more particularly in my Areas of Expertise.

Expertise in Lifts, Hoists, Jacks, Cranes, Rigging, Machines, Hydraulics, Tools, Material Handling, Fork Lifts, Scissors, Booms, Construction, Engineering, Safety, Failures, Liability, Testing, Compliance, Standards, Regulations, Instructions, Training, Labels.

TASA ID: 3465 (Highway Design and Construction): Heavy construction projects, management and claims consulting, engineering design, program management , CEO. Implemented management tools that significantly improve performance to Fortune 500 companies. Directed sophisticated, multi-million dollar construction projects •Managed hundreds of millions of dollars in construction claims, disputes and litigation. Provided expert witness testimony before local, state and federal courts

TASA ID: 1567 (Highway Design and Construction): This expert has over 15 years of experience in traffic and transportation engineering. She holds a Professional Engineering license in IL and MI and a Professional Traffic Operations Engineering Certificate (PTOE). She has served as an adjunct instructor in traffic and engineering design for a large university for over 5 years. She is prequalified with the Illinois Department of Transportation in traffic signal design and timing.

TASA ID: 3184 (Industrial Design): This expert is a principal and CFO of a product design and development firm with 40 years experience in industrial design, product design and development, design patents, and trade dress. This firm has won over 100 awards and authored over 130 U.S. Patents. He served as an invited speaker at national and international events. He is also an adjunct associate professor in an integrated product design program.

TASA ID: 3947 (Industrial Design): Over 33 years of overall industry experience - including supply chain management and logistics. Co-architect of major auto manufacturer's Worldwide Purchasing Process from its infancy to its full execution and subsequent process improvement. I have also excelled in assignments in manufacturing, product development, operations and supplier development along with international experience in South America, Africa, and Middle East (LAAM). Professional Engineer (P.E.) and MBA

TASA ID: 863 (Industrial Hygiene): Environmental health professional with research interests in emergency preparedness. Certified Industrial Hygienist in comprehensive practice since 1991 and has achieved the designation of Certified Safety Professional. Associate Professor teaching industrial hygiene, crisis and disaster mgt courses. Consulting has included Safety and health plan review, emergency planning/safety, OSHA compliance, indoor air quality, noise and dust exposure assessment, soil contamination, and other issues

TASA ID: 1387 (Industrial Hygiene): Retired Program Director where I worked on a web-based construction database, conducted research on safety & directed a worker training program for 12 building trades unions. Was the Health Effects Director for a Health and Safety Fund, and industrial hygienist for an IAM District and board member of the IAM/Boeing Health and Safety Institute, industrial hygienist for the IBT airline local and a chemist for Chevron Chemical. Past director of the ABIH and a Fellow of AIHA

TASA ID: 4564 (Ladders and Scaffolding): This expert is a Licensed Professional Engineer and United States Patent Agent. His work is performed in support of litigation, intellectual property disputes, product recalls, insurance investigations, & industrial problem solving. He has investigated, analyzed, and reconstructed accidents involving vehicles, mechanical systems and industrial equipment. He has provided expert testimony in numerous legal jurisdictions. He has worked on projects in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia

TASA ID: 1208 (Ladders and Scaffolding): Engineering expert with experience in design and preparation of grading plans, commercial structures, office buildings, single family dwellings and multi-unit residential facilities; compliance with numerous codes including HVAC, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Federal Construction Specifications, ASTM Codes; and providing all supporting engineering services for complete site plans, including street design, waterline and sewer design. Licensed Professional Engineer, Civil, Mechanical


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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right construction expert for your case. TASA’s experienced, regional referral advisors will review your construction expert requirements with you for experience, location, credentials, and deadlines. We make most referrals within 24 business hours. TASA forwards expert CV’s at your request, outlines background and fee information, helps set up your first phone interviews with construction experts, and later contacts you to see if you require other consultant referrals. Unless you designate or engage an expert we introduce to you, there is no charge for our referral services. The TASA Group has provided superior consultants to the legal, business, insurance, and law enforcement sectors since 1956. For stellar construction experts and personal service, contact TASA today by phone, email, or online request form.


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