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TASA ID: 2888 (Computer): After completing my Ph.D., I worked for three years at computer security firm. Then professor of Mathematics and Computer Science for 20 years teaching Mathematics: Logic and foundations, applied mathematics & Computer Science: Theory, computability, cryptology, security. Expertise in Mathematics: Logic and foundations, applied mathematics Computer Science: Theory, computability, cryptology, security.

TASA ID: 1699 (Computer): I've been developing computer databases since 1988. Currently I am creating relational database systems for Developmental Disabilities Providers which contain training goals and objectives chosen from a library of goals and objectives.

TASA ID: 113 (Computer): I have been involved in litigation support for more than 25 years. I am a court-recognized expert in the areas of e-discovery, computer forensics & computer science, with publications in law journals, Web e-zines, research journals, and technical conferences. I was college professor for 40 years in computer science, computer engineering & mathematics. I am a skilled lecturer frequently lecturing to litigators and clients about e-discovery and computer forensics.Expertise in computer forensics, e-Discovery Software, intellectual property (copyright, patent, theft secret).

TASA ID: 963 (Computer Electronics): Expert is a multi-discipline engineer in intellectual property, accidents and damages, and commercial matters. Expertise includes controls and automation, computerized devices, and industrial processes and equipment. Has an M.S. in Engineering and multiple engineering and contracting licenses, and patented an automated nuclear medical device. His 30 year career includes design, fabrication, construction, and field service, both domestic and international. Qualified in US Federal Court.

TASA ID: 1180 (Computer Electronics): Computer Scientist with ten years expert consulting and testifying experience. Over 25 years in Silicon Valley as a consultant and entrepreneur. State and Federal jury trials. Patent, copyright, trade secret, and computer forensic expert. Court appointed expert. Computer hardware, computer software, Internet, database, networking, source code analysis, videogrammetry and photogrammetry. Patented pro se inventor. Written and verbal communication. Trial presentation: animation and video.

TASA ID: 1468 (Computer Software): Mr. Williams has been in the forefront of communications technology development and marketing for over 25 years. He first sent voice over an IP data circuit in 1992 and built a $60M a year international telecom business in 1996. He has gone on to web development of Web 2.0 sites and the integration of web and mobile communications technologies. Also designed and deployed the Iraqi Media Network, the radio and broadcast television network that the United States deployed for the Iraqi people.

TASA ID: 3042 (Computer Software): 14 years in software development, consulting, and product management; directed software and product teams for over 10 years; focused on identifying and delivering the most critical software features; led sales cycles and strategies with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. Broad technology (e.g. web, enterprise software, Internet, eCommerce, B2B) and industry expertise (e.g. automotive, food and beverage, high tech) . Has provided Litigation support and testimony

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