TASA ID: 3914 (Analytical Chemistry): The expert holds chemistry degrees from Stanford (BS honors) and Caltech (PhD). He held a series of progressively responsible research and management positions for a major electrical company. In 2001 he was named VP of R&D for a leading company in water, energy, and paper chemistry. The expert joined a microelectronics company in December 2003 as VP of R&D, where he directed a global staff. He holds 19 US Patents and is widely published in scientific journals.

Expertise in general chemistry, inorganic chemistry, semiconductor processing, thin films, metallurgical coatings, optical coatings, lamps and lighting, LED, ceramics, high temperature materials, synthetic diamonds, water chemistry.

TASA ID: 3228 (Polymer Chemistry): Research Scientist & Product Development professional with Ph.D.in chemistry & extensive knowledge in the Graphic Arts (Printing), Photopolymers, UV Cure, Polymer Chemistry, and Specialty Coatings industries. President of firm offering research, product development & consulting services. Experienced in Flexographic Printing Processes, Digital Flexo (DTP) Photopolymers, Laser Engraving Screen Printing Technologies, Digital Coatings for Gravure Chemical Engraving, Radiation Cure Technologies.

President and Founder of Xiper Innovations, Inc., a consulting firm offering Research, Product Development, and Expert Consulting services. He is the owner of 15 US and 30+ PCT patents. Previously, he was Senior Research Associate for Macdermid Printing Solutions. Dr. Kanga has a Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry from the University of Florida, an MBA (Executive Program) from Georgia State University, and a B.S. (Technology) in Chemical Technology from UDCT, Bombay University.

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