A Small Sample of the Many Cargo Experts TASA Refers

TASA ID: 2831 (Cargo): Practicing Claim Manager with over 25 years experience related to claim handling customs and practices of the insurance industry including commercial, trucking, inland marine, auto, homeowner, logging, agricultural, & contractors equipment. Have served as expert witness and consultant related to insurance coverage interpretation, bad faith, and claim adjusting. Experience is primarily related to the Excess and Surplus lines market with intensive focus on the Lloyd's of London market place.

TASA ID: 794 (Cargo Handling): I have a distinguished career as a safety professional, both in the transportation industry and with industrial safety. My ares of specialized expertise include: Physical Operation of Tractor/Trailer Rigs; Fleet Safety Development and Training; Seatbelt Training and Use; Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction assistance; DOT, OSHA, MSHA, US COAST GUARD & TWCC Requirements; Crane Operations and Training; Ladders/Scaffolds; Public Utilities; Forklift Operations and Training.

TASA ID: 2109 (Cargo Handling): This expert leads seminars and classroom instruction for transportation entrepreneurs. He has been training others weekly since 1987 in six cities in the USA. This expert uses brokerage as a classroom to assist transportation entrepreneurs start up and succeed in brokering. He has lectured and consulted on surface transportation market economic conditions since 2001. This expert also provides forensic expertise to the defense or plaintiff.

Cargo Expert Witness Insight

My long career as a surveyor, deck officer and captain on board a vessel, and a port captain supervising the loading and discharging of vessels in port has given me the diverse background to be a cargo handling expert witness. The experience I gained has provided the ability to evaluate the cause, nature and extent of the damaged goods and the know-how to dispose of the damaged goods in an economical manner. With my experience as a cargo handling authority, I have also evaluated the cause of maritime personal injuries.

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Locating the Best Cargo Expert Witnesses

When you first contact TASA for a cargo expert witness, we will discuss with you the location, time frame, experience and cargo authority credentials you need, helping you to define and refine your criteria if necessary. TASA referral advisors will then provide names of relevant cargo experts, forward resumes, and help arrange your initial phone interviews with the candidates you select. This saves you valuable time and helps provide cargo experts ready to discuss your case. We later contact you to determine if you require someone other than the experts we first refer. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours of your request. There is no fee for expert referrals unless you designate or engage an expert we refer to you. For timesaving, cost-effective referrals to the best cargo expert witnesses, contact us by online request form, email or phone.

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