TASA ID: 59 (Biochemistry): Professor of Chemical Engineering and the author of over 70 papers appearing in AIChE Journal, I&EC Fundamentals, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Chemical Engineering Education, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, AIChE Symposium Series, Chemical Engineering Communications, Chemical Engineering Science, Applied Biochemistry & Biotechnology, and ASHRAE Journal.

Expertise in Mixing, Bioreactors, Polymers, Viscosity, Ethanol, Nozzle Flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Dialysis, Ultrafiltration, Electro-dialysis, Reverse Osmosis, Toothpaste, Nerve Gas, Catalysis, Energy, Propellants.

TASA ID: 4554 (Bioengineering): I am a former FDA Review Chemist, with 30 years of career experience in pharmaceutical R&D, Quality Operations and Regulatory Affairs. For 19+ years as a consultant in my own pharmaceutical development advisory firm, I have contributed to regulatory approvals for over 50 drug and drug/device applications, and have provided regulatory compliance remediation services to resolve Form 483, Warning Letter, and Consent Decree issues.

TASA ID: 4274 (Bioengineering): M.S. in Physics & Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. A licensed Electrical Engineer, Safety Engineer & Certified Clinical Engineer. Specialize in diagnostic & therapeutic medical technology for cardiology, anesthesiology, radiology, intensive care, surgery, emergency medicine, orthopedics, neurology, neonatology, OB/GYN, etc. Expertise includes codes, standards and regulations, medical device design, malfunction, maintenance, user education, labeling, alarms, user errors.

TASA ID: 3685 (Biofuel): Experience in pharma, biotech, and chemical industries across multiple disciplines; organic synthesis, chiral chemistry, biocatalysis, molecular biology, industrial biotech, fermentation, recombinant enzymes, plus the associated downstream processing, all within the GMP regulatory environment. Process development for CMC sections of IND and NDA filings. Other relevant experience: IP strategy, expert witness for patent defense (depositions, affidavits, opinions), technical due diligence.

TASA ID: 726 (Biology): Retired Senior Research Fellow from a National Laboratory as an Advisory Research Fellow. Research and teaching in the field of Legionella microbiology since 1977. Published over 30 peered reviewed articles on Legionella alone along with over 100 other scientific articles.Served as a biology expert witness for 42 Legionella cases both for the plaintiff and defense attorneys.Expertise in Legionella litigation both plaintiff and defendant issues. Groundwater contamination and community health issues Indoor Air Quality Microbiology Bioremediation.

TASA ID: 155 (Biomaterials): Over 30 years of experience in the field of dentistry. Received my D.M.D from Harvard University.Adjunct Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry and Biomaterials at a university. Senior Scientist at a biomaterials research center. Expertise specialties include dental prosthetics, prosthodontics, dental materials, and biomaterials.Expertise in Dentistry, Dental Prosthetics, Prosthodontics, Orthopedics, Biomaterials, Chemical Engineering, Dental Materials.

TASA ID: 1345 (Biomechanical): Over eighteen years experience in the field of occupant protection. Has a BS in mechanical engineering and is a Professional Engineer in several states. Has established a career in the fields of human protection, injury tolerance and equipment performance. Experience includes extensive research and testing of automotive and aircraft equipment and components. Has published numerous technical papers related to occupant protection with SAE. Holds 2 U.S.Patents

TASA ID: 3808 (Biomechanical): Received a PhD from Auburn University in Biomechanics. Currently manages Just In Shape and conducts biomechanical research. Provides biomechanics consulting to clients, focusing on occupational injuries and influence of footwear on gait dynamics. Implements biomechanical principles into manufacturing and design of footwear. Have published articles in peer reviewed journals and presented at professional conferences.

TASA ID: 2849 (Biomedical): I have degrees in Mechanical (BS and MS) and Biomedical (PhD) Engineering and have been a practicing engineer for over 20 years. I worked at NASA Research Center and at the Food and Drug Administration, prior to doing consulting work. I currently am President/CEO of my own consulting firm. Experience includes: medical devices, accident reconstruction, patent infringement, regulatory affairs, engineering research/development, product liability, injury causation.

TASA ID: 930 (Biomedical): Actively involved in head/thorax injury analysis due to blast and projectiles. Licensed Professional Engineer and Patent Agent. Background iniomechanics of injury, including automotive, industrial, and oil rig injuries, Medical device design and analysis (orthopedic, cardiovascular, respiratory, reconstructive) Structural analysis, including finite element modeling and fracture mechanics of total hips/ knees, spinal fusion devices, insulin pumps.

TASA ID: 2511 (Biotechnology): Since 1989 has provided consulting related to the marketing of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biological products. Consulting engagements typically involve situation/opportunity assessment, proforma modeling, business strategy, market positioning and new venture development. Clients include manufacturers, disease carve-out companies, PBMs, specialty pharmacies, benefits consultants, employer health purchasing coalitions and venture capitalists.

TASA ID: 3961 (Biotechnology): Received Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University in 1989 and post-doctoral fellowship from Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1994 (OMRF) studying biochemistry and molecular biology of blood clotting factors. Assistant Member and then as an Associate Member at OMRF until 1999. Moved to a Midwestern medical school as Associate Professor in 1999 and was promoted to full Professor in 2005. Major focus is on the structure and function of coagulation proteases and their inhibitors and receptors.

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