A Small Sample of the Many Behavioral Experts TASA Refers

TASA ID: 133 (Behavioral): As a social worker, psychotherapist, supervisor, agency administrator and social work educator since 1964, this expert's specialties include adult and child psychotherapy, divorce mediation wealth/money and relationships counseling. As a forensic expert, he has reviewed depositions provided testimony in cases involving custodial parental rights, foster care and adoptions, school placements and appropriateness of treatment or service provided by psychotherapists or social service agencies.

TASA ID: 1530 (Behavioral): Maintain a private practice and specialize in families in crisis. Provide crisis assessment for families that have been identified as victims and/or perpetrators of sexual abuse and family violence where substance abuse is a critical factor. My referrals come from Child Protective Services and local state agencies. Have testified, for the State, over 75 times in the last 15 years. Serve as a consultant to insurance companies, and local attorneys in the assessment of personal injury cases.

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Locating the Best Behavioral Expert Witness

When you first contact TASA for a behavioral consultant, we will discuss with you the location, time frame, experience and behavioral expert witness credentials you need, helping you to define and refine your criteria if necessary. We will then provide names of behavior expert witnesses who meet your requirements, send resumes at your request, and help set up introductory phone calls with selected candidates. This saves you valuable time and helps provide behavioral expert witnesses ready to discuss your case. Our advisors then follow up to help ensure your satisfaction. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours of your request. There is no fee for expert referrals unless you designate or engage a consultant we refer to you. For timesaving, cost-effective referrals to the best behavioral expert witnesses, contact us by online request form, email or phone.



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