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TASA ID: 3297 (Aircraft Manufacturing): Registered Professional Engineer in Ohio/California. Over 30 years of design experience in automotive, aerospace, and commercial industries. Developed products from conception through manufacturing with a thorough understanding of the trade-offs used to bring specific products to the commercial market. Thorough knowledge of all the aspects of industrial manufacturing equipment and unique aerospace processes emphasizing efficiency and safety. Forensic engineering is used on a daily basis.

TASA ID: 762 (Aircraft Manufacturing, Aviation Mechanics): Over 50 years as an Aviation Manager, Pilot, Mechanic, Airline Executive, and Federal Regulator. Familiar with all aspects of the Aviation Industry, from Crop Dusters to Major Airlines, and from Student Pilots to Airline Transport Pilots. A Professional Pilot since 1946, was Captain of John F. Kennedy's Family airplane, The Caroline. Aviation Safety Inspector at Federal Aviation Administration for 25 years.

TASA ID: 3189 (Aircraft Systems Safety): Self-motivated, committed and results oriented Management Executive with over twenty-five years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Solid credentials in strategic planning, development and leadership of complex technical operations.Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) appointment as Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for twenty-one years.Responsible for the development of over 200 major modifications. Expertise in Aircraft Fire Protection, Aircraft Certification, FAA Certifications, Avionics Fire Suppression, Oxygen Avionics system integration, Certification Plans, Flight Test Systems Integration.


TASA ID: 929 (Airport): Aviation executive with over 30 years experience in the full spectrum of aviation/airport management. Entire career with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, including assignments at JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports, culminating with the position of Assistant Director, Operations, Maintenance, and Security, overseeing these functions for the three airport system.

TASA ID: 876 (Airport): Nationally recognized airport and aviation consultant with specialization in airspace and obstacle evaluations; instrument approach and departure procedure design; and airport facility development and operation. Experienced in depositions and expert witness testimony.


TASA ID: 3324 (Airport Management): President of Consulting firm for airport operations and management. Recent experience includes 27 years with an airport authority where his last position was Manager of Airside Operations/ Communications. He was involved in airport certification and safety and was responsible for the wildlife hazard management program, construction safety plans and phasing, the airport communications center, and the airport emergency operations center (EOC).

Expertise in Airport Emergency Plans, Emergency Operations Center Management, Airport Construction Safety Plans, Airport Certification Manuals (FAA Requirement), Airport Minimum Standards, Airport Rules and Regulations, Airside Driver Regulations and Training, FAA Required Record Keeping for commercial airports, Communications Centers, airline ground operations.

TASA ID: 4113 (Aviation): USAF (1973-1977). 33 years of experience in general and corporate aviation with two years of experience in Air Taxi 135. 20 plus international ferry flights. Supported operators in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Germany. Started flying in 1972 and holds an FAA ATP and CFI-A, I and ME with Type Rating in- C500, C255(s), C560XL, C650 and Sovereign. Ratings- AMEL-AMEL and ASES and has logged over 15,000 hours.

TASA ID: 616 (Aviation): Aviation career consultant & president of an aviation information company through 2/09. Provided a wide array of aviation related services including out-placement pilot services & career seminars, pilot & technician career counseling, employ-ability studies and career earnings models. His technology launch endeavors include: an online application system. He has lead & produced over 100 Airline Pilot Career Development Seminars, and Job Fairs nationwide since 1985.


TASA ID: 2318 (Aviation Electronics): Professional Engineer, Patent Agent, Commercial Pilot and Instructor Pilot. Named Inventor on 20 issued U.S. utility patents covering cellular, cordless, and secure land mobile radio. Serving the wireless/telecom. semiconductor, consumer electronics, and aviation/aerospace industries, in most EE/CS disciplines, intellectual property, and systems engineering.

TASA ID: 3649 (Aviation Electronics): Extensive experience in research and commercial environments with robotics and automation, computer, distributed, embedded, real time, test, remote sensing, military and information integration and analysis systems. Experience includes research, analysis, management, definition, design, development, test, installation and training associated with these systems.


TASA ID: 506 (Aviation Mechanics): Over 54 years of experience in the aviation industry. Involved in majority of the technical aspects from mechanic to Vice President of Maintenance and Engineering. 32 years with one major airline of which 17 years in the Technical Center finishing as a fleet manager. Technical Director for the aircraft leasing and sales department. 18 years as an independent Aviation Consultant with World Wide exposure to a extensive list of contacts, customers and involved projects.


TASA ID: 4245 (Aviation Safety): This expert is a professional safety engineer with extensive safety engineering experience and knowledge in both product and process safety. While having excellent academic qualifications, the bulk of his experience comes from his work in multiple industries and companies. He knows how to design safety into complex products and processes by properly integrating the man, the machine, and their environment. He is also an experienced forensic engineer.

TASA ID: 3343 (Commercial Flight Operations): My extensive, diversified background in aviation has given me the foundation of a broad knowledge base affording me the necessary skills to efficiently research and compile supporting documentation in regard to legal cases requiring expert opinion. My 30+ years working in the aviation profession has encompassed flight operations, maintenance, parts manufacturing, consulting and expert witness. I hold a current ATP pilot license, A&P and IA mechanic certificates.

TASA ID: 2096 (Commercial Flight Operations): Airline Executive with 30 years of experience managing Operations and Services for U.S. Domestic and International airlines, including front line through senior corporate management positions with major and regional airlines. Managed Hub Operations and Airline Start-ups requiring FAA Air Carrier Certification. Knowledge of Airport Services and Operations, Aircraft Servicing, Flight Attendants, Catering/Commissary Operations, Consumer Affairs, Safety Programs and Aviation/Airport Security.

TASA ID: 4325 (Flight Engineer): This expert has 46 years serving on the flight deck of airplanes. Landed airplanes as captain on every continent in the world and has accomplished numerous maintenance acceptance flights on various aircrafts. FAA designated instructor and director of safety program for White House aircraft.

TASA ID: 2056 (Flight Engineer, Military Flight Operations): Thirty-two years experience in civilian, commercial, and military aviation. - Current faculty instructor in Aviation Human Factors at a School of Engineering. - Current airline pilot flying domestic and international routes in Airbus A320. - Former engineering test pilot for a Aircraft Company in MD-80/90 and MD-11. - Former USAF experimental test pilot and faculty instructor at the USAF Test Pilot School - Trained aircraft accident investigator.

TASA ID: 3036 (Military Flight Operations): Retired military officer / former helicopter instructor pilot with over 2600 hours of flight experience. Owner/operator of balloon repair station since 1994, owner/school administrator for sole balloon flight training program in the Southeast with FAA approval. Previous consulting positions include maintenance data program analysis and changeover for Delta Air Lines, tech writer for contractor for rewrite of FAA training handbooks






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Aviation expert witnesses can identify and interpret aviation safety statutes and regulations. They can handle everything from the design and engineering of the aircraft or airplane, to the operation of private, business and commercial activities. Aviation based litigation can rely on aviation expertise with regards to the technical facets of an accident or incident. These accidents may involve air traffic control, piloting, aircraft maintenance, airport land use, landing gear among many other items related to aircrafts or the landing facilities.

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