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TASA ID: 1160 (Atmospheric Sciences): Certified Consulting Meteorologist with a PhD in Meteorology from a major University .30 years of experience, including testimony in over 50 trials in federal, state and international courts. Former professor of meteorology. Member of Governing Council of American Meteorological Society. Climate Research Committee of National Research Council. Publications in books and journals. Invited speaker at science and insurance conferences.

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Atmospheric sciences experts are skilled in the stuffs about weather, climate, and other aspects of atmosphere. They analyze different aspects of atmosphere, make reports, and forecast based on their analysis climate and weather data. Most of the times, they work indoors in offices, laboratories, and weather stations. However, sometimes, they work outdoors to do fieldwork and examine weather. They perform important role in legal matters too. Atmospheric sciences expert witnesses make special weather statements, collect environmental field sample to determine radiation contamination, assess hazards related to radiation exposure, and perform other stuffs to assist in legal procedures in the courtroom.

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TASA delivers the precision and speed you need when you are searching for the right atmospheric sciences expert witness for your case. Our experienced, regional referral advisors will discuss specific atmospheric sciences expert witness credentials with you, as well as the location, experience, and time frame you need. Most referrals are made within 24 business hours. We provide background and fee information, forward expert resumes at your request, help arrange your initial phone interviews with atmospheric sciences expert witnesses, and follow up to see if you require other experts. Unless you designate or engage an expert we introduce to you, there is no charge for our referral services. Since 1956, The TASA Group has connected legal, insurance, law enforcement, and business clients with superior expert witnesses and consultants. For stellar atmospheric sciences experts and personal service, contact TASA today by phone, email, or online request form.

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